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Recovery Dharma is a peer-led movement using Buddhist practices and principles to overcome addiction through meditation, investigation, and community.

“Refuge does not arise in a particular place, but in the space within the goodness of our hearts. When this space is imbued with wisdom, respect, and love, we call it Sangha.

We hope that the pain of addiction, trauma, and feeling “apart” actually leads us back toward the heart and that we might understand compassion, wisdom, and change ever more deeply. As we have learned from practice, great pain does not erase goodness, but in fact informs it.

May we make the best use of our practice, and whatever freedom arises from our efforts here today. May this be a cause and condition for less suffering and more safety in our world.”

– Offering of Merit from “The Dharma of Recovery”

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Download the RecoveryDharma pamphlet to bring to your meetings. It contains a description of Recovery Dharma, the local Portland meeting list and a place for phone numbers.